The partners of the ENRICH Project and the Hellenic Open University, as the Coordinating Organisation, are thrilled to announce that the online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Course of the ENRICH Project is now available to all interested parties!

You can access the CPD Course (free of charge) here:

The Course aims at helping teachers of English around the world to develop competences that are necessary for integrating the current role of English as a lingua franca (ELF) in multilingual classrooms.

It consists of 30 Sections in total, each of which focuses on a different topic each time. These Sections are grouped into 3 main categories, referring, respectively, to ‘Using English, ‘Teaching English’ and ‘Learning English’. Each Section includes a video lecture, a range of reflective activities, as well as useful Supplementary Materials.

The Course has been designed in such a way so as to provide as much flexibility and autonomy as possible to those who wish to engage with it. You may participate in it either on your own, that is, in a self-study mode, or in a group supported by a teacher educator and/or a mentor, regardless of the amount of teaching experience that you may have or the part of the world that you may live in. Finally, you are most welcome to engage with all of the Sections of the Course or those that are more relevant to your own educational needs and priorities, at your own pace and in the order that you find most suitable.

We wish you a nice, fruitful and enriching journey throughout the ENRICH CPD Course!


1st International Conference on ELF-Aware Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms (ENRICH-2021)


We are very pleased to announce that the 1st International Conference on ELF-Aware Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms or ENRICH-2021 was successfully conducted on 4-5, December 2021 (fully virtual), with over 500 participants from all over the world!

In case you missed the conference, you now have the chance to watch videos of the Plenary talks, Round Tables and ENRICH Project presentations on our YouTube channel, here

More specifically, you can watch the following videos:



The Coordinator and Partners of the ENRICH Project are thrilled to announce that the Handbook to English as a Lingua Franca Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms has been published! It is a truly innovative book in the fields of English as a Lingua Franca and multilingualism and a must-read resource for everyone who wishes to employ and/or participate in the ENRICH CPD Course in the future.

To download the ENRICH Handbook (free of charge!) please click here:

Please note that the ENRICH CPD Course will be freely available through our website by the end of December 2021!

The Handbook consists of five main chapters:

  • Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the ENRICH Project, highlighting its aims and objectives with regard to the CPD, its innovative elements and the various phases it has included towards the fulfilment of its intended purposes.
  • Chapter 2 focuses on the findings of the Needs Analysis study in the partner countries, which has significantly contributed to the development of the CPD Course.
  • Chapter 3 provides crucial background information for potential users of the CPD Course including, as previously noted, teachers, teacher educators, researchers and members of educational policy-making organisations and institutions.
  • Chapter 4 contains a range of short sub-sections based on the sections of the online CPD Course, as appearing on the website of the ENRICH Project. Each Section includes the link to the respective video lecture, a summary of the content of the lecture, useful information about the activities that participants are encouraged to carry out and, finally, indicative responses provided by participants of the Course, during its implementation phase within the framework of the ENRICH Project.
  • Chapter 5 focuses on presenting the monitoring and evaluation activities that lead to the quality assurance of the CPD Course, namely its Piloting Phase, the ENRICH consortium partner reflections that led to a compilation of the lessons learnt as well as recommendations for future improvements.

The ENRICH Handbook


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